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About ACIC 2022


AUIS Community Innovation Challenge 2022 (ACIC 2022) is an opportunity for AUIS students to work and collaborate for launching innovative solution ideas while studying at AUIS. The program puts students at the center of writing the challenges that grab their attention while being an AUIS student and make them provide solutions at the same time. 


ACIC 2022 is a first innovation challenge for AUIS students to compete to provide the best solution ideas for everyday life challenges as an AUIS student. It aims to bring together AUIS students from different departments to launch their talent, ideas, and technology skills into leading innovation. 

ACIC 2022 runs through three phases of distinct, increasingly intensive contests, in which students are encouraged to write a challenge, give a solution and develop their innovations into business ideas.

Our Goal



ACIC 2022 aims to promote innovation mindset among the AUIS community, and encourages students to develop their entrepreneurial vision for the future through innovation, overcoming limitations of thinking, and generating new ideas. The AUIS community is encouraged to engage with innovative strategies and make valuable contributions to society.


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