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Rules and eligibility to register:


  1. Applicants must be AUIS students

  2. Applicants must have an AUIS email address to register

  3. Applicants must provide realistic challenges to be solved

  4. Applicants must provide detailed information about the challenges they write

  5. Applicants must attend a virtual orientation Q & A session when required

Write a Challenge:



A challenge is a matter or a situation regarded as harmful that needs to be dealt with and overcome. Students can write various challenges they face in everyday life as an AUIS student. The challenges should be:


  •  Realistic

  •  Logical

  •  Factual

  • Capable of Solving


Title of Challenge: ……………………………….


Please write your challenge statement by answering  these questions; what is your challenge statement? Why do you think it is a challenge? What is the size of the challenge? How harmful is the challenge to the community? (Not more than 200 words)

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