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A Proper Place to Pray - Physical Cleanliness

Every faith and civilization stresses the importance of cleanliness.

Religion places a great emphasis on cleanliness and purity. In Islam, the spiritual practise of praying is linked to physical cleanliness and purity. More importantly, cleanliness is termed as an indispensable fundamental of faith.

Having a proper place for AUIS muslim students to pray is recognized as a challenge by many students. With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, the students engage more in religious practices and need a better place to pray.

AUIS student, Meer Hamza Lashkr, mentions this point as challenge and calls for solutions in order to make this valuable principle of Islam part of student life. You can now take Meer’s challenge and form a team to submit an innovative solution as part of ACIC’s startup competition.

Original Challenge Post

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